Where is the GCN controller ports on Wii?

Where does the Nintendo game cube controller go in my wii?

So there is a flap on the top, but I can only plug my gamecube controller in a hole since it’s not like a flat plug. EB games told me it would work but there is like no were to put it?!

Best Answer

On the top of the Wii (assuming you’re Wii is in the default vertical orientation), there are 2 covers. The larger one is the GCN controller ports.

GCN controller connectors are semi-round (there’s only a small flat spot on the top of the connector), just connect it into the first port (near the front, as that’s the P1 slot).

In the back, the smaller cover is for the GCN memory cards.

If you need more assistance, please refer to your Wii owner’s manual.

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