DeSmuME is a Nintendo DS emulator, how to use ps3 controller on it?

How do you use your ps3 controller for DeSmuME?
just to let you know, ive loaded the driver and everything using motion-joy. it works on every other emulator (e.g. project64, ePSXe, dolphin, and virtual boy) but not on DeSmuME, plz can someone help, this is killing me!!. ALSO i cant use any bluetooth attachment or whatever cuz there bad, BUT im using the USB cord that you get with the ps3 controller.

DeSmuME is a Nintendo DS emulator, it lets you play DS games on your pc, im wondering how to config the controls, so it lets me use my ps3 controller, on the DeSmuME emulator.

also to everyone out there IF YOU DONT GET THIS STUFF PLZ… dont answer, no offence, but yeah. if you DO get this stuff, dont forget about what i mentioned above, under my main question.

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Well i have been working with emulators a long time, and do have and use desmume.
First, make sure you are using the latest version and get it from the official source here:

Once you have the latest version open it up (the controller MUCH BE CONNECTED BEFORE YOU OPEN THE EMULATOR! this is true for ALL emulators!)
If you open them emulator before plugging in the controller, you have to close them emulator and reopen it.

Once you do that, go to the config > control config. Click on each field, then click the controller button you want. Then click ok when done.

It should work, but if not, the ps3 controller might not be compatible with desmume (dont try other emulators, desmume is BY FAR the best ds emulator, just wait for it to support them or use another controller.)
You can try getting an unofficial build from
Which are the most up to date, but since they are unofficial they can be working, then the next revision be completely broken. So stability can be a factor, but newer revisions will usually have more compatibility and features/support for other things.

But i have a usb controller, its a generic ps2 modeled one, and it works just fine with desmume. Its like $20

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  1. Game says:

    YES! thnx man its working… god. the problem was… lol.. the problem was that i opened the emulator before plugin in the controller, also i think i may have made a little mistake in motion-joy… but more likely i just didn’t know about the emulator being open after the controller is plugged in.